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Second-hand Machinery Cutting and forming



Shear HACO TS30120 of  3050 x 12

Shear NOVA EUROPE of 3050 6 mm

Hydraulic shear DURMA Mod. VS3020 of 3050 x 20 mm. Machine in perfect work conditions

Shear AJIAL of 3050 x 10 mm. Throat of 325 mm. 

Hydraulic AJIAL shear of 3050 x 10 mm with throat of 325 mm. 

Hydraulic BARRY shear mod. SC3016 of 3050 x 16 mm.

Shear HACO HSL 4016/18

Hydraulic shear LOIRE of 6000 x 10 mm

SAFAN Shear of 3050 x 4 mm

Shear and pressbrake AJIAL-ACIPLEX . Pressbrake of 3050 x 75 Tn and shear or 3050 x 10. Year 2005. Machines in perfect work order.

Shear AJIAL of 3000 x 16

Axial Shear Mod. CPN 1230 of 3050 x 12 mm

Hydraulic CASANOVA Shear of 3050 x 6 , vertica cut, throath of 500 mm and tire carrier

Hydraulic shear MEBUSA of 3000 mm of length and 12 mm maximun capacity

Hydraulic Shear DURMA DHGM 3013  of 3050 x 13 mm

Hydraulic CASANOVA shear mod. VC26 ot 3100 mm of length and maximun capacity of 21 mm. Shear in perfect work conditions.

Second hand shear HACO of 3050 x 12 mm. Shear in perfect work order

Shear KORPLEG of 3050 x 13 mm

Shear  MEBUSA of 3050 x 6 mm with throat of 500 mm

Hydraulic shear AJIAL of 3050 x  6 mm with throat of 300 mm

Shear CASANOVA Mod. VC24 of 6050 x 16